Today I learned...

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... that the keypress event is deprecated and I have to use keyup or keydown event.

... that most problems with the Parcel bundler can be solved by deleting the .parcel-cache directory.

... that I can disable all caching in WordPress by setting define('WP_DEVELOPMENT_MODE', true); in wp-config.php.

... that you can't use "login" as the $handle in "wp_enqueue_style()". #WordPress

... that the parent directory of Apache's "DocumentRoot" has to be readable to Apache, too.

... that chrome.runtime.getURL only works with absolute paths.

... that I can add a catch/finally block to an await statement.


... that the easiest way to find the intersection of two arrays in ES6 is to use

function intersect(a, b) {
  return a.filter(Set.prototype.has, new Set(b));

... that I have to use "box-sizing: content-box;" to create text inputs and select boxes that have the same width. #CSS (stackoverflow)

... that I can stop all running Docker containers by using "docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)".

... that changing the user-agent to "googlebot" will bypass many paywalls.

... that "schmutz" and "spritz" are proper (American) English words.

... about a new UI design trend: Claymorphism.

... that Perl 6 was renamed to Raku in October 2019.

... that there's an old way and a new way to add Metaboxes to a #WordPress admin page. (I haven't tried the new way yet.)

... that the first hypertext project was called Xanadu. It was created in the 1960s.

... that in a Github repository you can press the '.' key on your keyboard and inside the browser VSCode with the current repo files opens up. Cool!

... that the new Javascript function at() (Logrocket, MDN) simplifies accessing elements of an array.

... that I can replace return new Promise((resolve) => resolve(true))); with return Promise.resolve(true);. #javascript

... about "MindsDB", a Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence enhanced database.

... about ProtonVPN, a free (as in Free Beer) VPN service.

... that after a 4 year hiatus phrack has risen again.

... about mcfly, a neural network enhanced replacement for the Linux history command.

... about the CSS-property "accent-color", here and here.

... about the <kbd> tag in HTML.

... that importing an ECMAScript module dynamically is asynchronous. No wonder that it didn't worked for me in the past.

... about the ECMAScript Intl-API for internationalisation.

... that in VSCode I can collapse all functions at once using "Ctrl-K Ctrl-0".

... about the "Balance Out" command in Visual Studio Code.

... that "ersatz" (replacement) is a word in the English language.

... about Dropbox Paper, a collaborative notebook.

... about CloudBeaver, a web server that provides a database manager.

... that if you already created a Firefox add-on coding a Thunderbird add-on is a piece of cake.

... that Glasmorphism is the next hot thing in web design.

... that JavaScript is only in 7th place in the TIOBE index.

... that I can easily add Dark Mode to a web page by adding "@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {}" to the stylesheet file.

... about the Haxe 4 programming language.

... about the HERN stack.

... how to pass messages between browser popup windows using javascript.

... that Neumorphism is still a thing.

... that the "Windows Linux Subsystem" does not start, if the DNS service is disabled.

... that the first mail client I used in 1995 (except Unix basic "mail" tool) is still alive: "Pegasus Mail".

... that Bill Gates has a new podcast.

... that I can host my own internet speedtest.

... about "Peanuts-style" text formatting, a kind of predecessor of Markdown.

... how to timeout a fetch() request. #Javascript

... that in Firefox and Chrome you can switch to the rightmost Tab by using Ctrl-9.

... about "bropages".

... that Joaquim Homrighausen is still actively blogging. He's the guy behind "FrontDoor", the program that ran most of FidoNet in the 1980s and 90s.