Today I learned...

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... about "bropages".

... that Joaquim Homrighausen is still actively blogging. He's the guy behind "FrontDoor", the program that ran most of FidoNet in the 1980s and 90s.

... that AVIF might become the next standard for web images.

... why the Apple II didn't support lower case letters.

... how to search my own tweets (searchword (from:latz))

... that the word "authenficiation" does not exist, instead it's called "authentication".

... about a music genre called "bardcore". Weird stuff.

... why "top level await" is difficult to implement in the JavaScript engine (it's because of the Microtask Queue I learned about yesterday).

... that Ruby On Rails is still a thing.

... that it takes time to get used to an ergonomic office chair.

... that the TIOBE index lists JavaScript on 7th place, Visual Basic is on 6th place. Well...

... that there are many, many JavaScript libraries out there that still uses jQuery, e.g. Typeahead.js.

... that rssCloud is still alive and even a new version is in the works.

... what interfaces in TypeScript are and that I probably will never need to use them.

... that there's a script that can create a basic setup for Firefox/Chrome extensions and TypeScript.

... that in Firefox/Chrome extensions "port.postMessage()" is great for sending many messages between the components, but not for exchanging data. "runtime.sendMessage()" is still the better choice.

... that RRP (Robert Raisch Proposal) almost became what CSS is nowadays.

... that there's a polyfill library for Promise-based WebExtension APIs in Chrome.

... about the difference between Javascript's Array slice and splice.

... how to create an AppPassword (access token) in Nextcloud and how to use it.

... that used iPods classic are still quite expensive. I'm afraid mine is dying soon.

... that asynchronous programming will never be my friend.

... that i need to remember that you can't use asynchronous calls inside a map() function. #javascript

... that you can have a free MongoDB in the "cloud".

... that HackerNews is written in Arc which is written in Racket which is written in C.

... that SAP Cloud does not offer a free forever plan for developers.

... that Delphi Pascal is still around. In the 90's I had my first programming gig at university using it.

... that in Japan there is a lot of squishy food. I mostly don't like it, tamagoyaki is quite eatable.

... that the older I get the less I can enjoy the summer heat.

... that may be back online again this summer.

... that there's a book about Paul Weller already written in 2005. Why haven't I read it yet?

... that I can pin tabs in VSCode. #vscode

... about the "sl" terminal command.

... that the baloo_file process that's slowing my Linux system down, is used by the file indexer of KDE and can be disabled with balloctl disable.

... that the "PageRank" was named after the Google co-founder Larry Page (Source).

... that Twitter introduced a new API.

... that David Tennants real name is "David John McDonald".

... that "Wi-Fi" has no actual meaning, it just sounds nice.

... that is closing. That's why you should host your own blog!

... that there's a thing called LogPoints in the DevTools of Chrome and Firefox.

... that I know the name of actress Charlize Theron for a long time but never have actually seen any movie starring her until today.

... that in 1932 the Big Emu War took place in western Australia.

... that "nada" is the Spanish word for "nothing", not the Russian word ("nichego").

... about pygooglenews, a python wrapper of the Google News RSS feed.

... about the most important new features in ECMAScript 2020.

... that Twitter, Flickr, OSM and others use a thing called WOEID "Yahoo Where On Earth IDentifier" but currently there seems to be no possibility to generate your own.

... that nowadays you have to register with Twitter to be able to create an App with their API.

... that WordPress' Gutenberg editor is better than I thought after I got more familiar with it.

... about "keen", a new experimental tool by Google to find interesting things.

.. that there's a Unicode character called "Word Joiner" that has zero width and prevents word breaking (props @aelurotheist).

... that it's not called "IndexDB" but "IndexedDB" (with an "ed").

... that IndexDB is somewhat complicated to use.

... that I have to use the web-ext package to develop a Firefox addon.

... that perry is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears, similar to cider made from apples.

... that people start looking for alternatives as soon as something becomes too trendy.